Money or Happiness?

I hate my job. I’m sure you’ve heard or said that at least once in your life before. It’s not the job itself, but really more of the management and the overall morale of the place. I feel like I should be in the movie Horrible Bosses. You know what I mean, the place that just makes you want to cry every morning, the place that you kind of wish would burn down or flood just so that you wouldn’t have to go into work. Well that’s my situation as of lately. I’ve been at my current job for 2 years, 8 months and 18 days. That’s not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but for a 21 year old – that’s a lifetime.  They are just so demanding and they love to micromanage, but the biggest problem of all is that they treat me like the 18 year old innocent, naive girl they hired in 2011.

For starters, I’ve been here longer than most of the employees we currently have. Most people have come and gone but I’ve stuck through, in sickness and in health; for better or for worse. I’ve grown greatly in the company and I’ve worked in almost every department available. Sales, accounting, collections, marketing…you name it and I’ve done it. Besides working various positions over the last 2+ years, I honestly think that I’ve succeeded in every position and opportunity I was offered here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job. I also work harder and longer than most people here. I’m almost always the first one in and almost always the last one to leave. I take work home with me when necessary, I work weekends if they need it, etc… Plus when everyone else is chit chatting, surfing the internet and twirling their thumbs, I’m at my desk doing a million and one things. It just does not seem fair.

Another big issue is the way they make me feel so undervalued and under appreciated. I’ve worked my a** off trying to always give 110% and everyone else is getting raises and making more. I know it’s not the only reason, but I do feel like my age is a big part of that. Yes, I know I’m young but is that reason to treat me like a child?

They take advantage of me. This is not as bad lately cause I’ve started standing up for myself a bit more, but short of me wiping their a**, I’ve done it all. “hey can you bring me some paper clips?” or “can you restock the bathrooms with toilet paper and paper towel?” and “can you go get this out of my car for me?” I mean, come on. I’m not your personal secretary here.

Well enough nagging right? The real reason for this post is not so I can whine about my job. The real reason is that I’ve been offered another job. I haven’t gotten all the details yet but I might be making less and working fewer hours to start off. Now to my question, is it better to make more and be completely unhappy or should I pursue this opportunity even if it means making less? I know being happy is important but so is eating and having a bed and saving. This is just such a tough decision for me. I’ve always moved forward and worked hard to take steps forward with my finances. I’m not saying that I’ll live under a bridge if I take this other job since Mr. CrazyRichLife also works, but it would mean less savings for us. At the same time, I’d have a bigger chance to grow in this new place and I’d be way less stressed, plus I’d have more time for myself which might be just what I need right now.

I just don’t know. What would you do?

P.S. Sorry for all the ranting.