Weekly Spending (Aug 25-Aug 31)

Sunday, August 25
$0.00 – YAY

Monday, August 26
$12.00 – Bracelet for my mom

Tuesday, August 27
$0.00 – YAY

Wednesday, August 28
$0.00 – YAY

Thursday, August 29
$2.85 – Dairy Queen

Friday, August 30
$136.50 – Publix
$360.00 – Ultrasound

Saturday, August 31
$12.38 – CVS Pharmacy

Weekly Total = $523.73
Extra Cash = $20.00 (Mystery Shops)
Total Transactions = 5

This week was not bad. I had my ultrasound on Friday but other than that it was fine. The $360 is not correct but that’s what is out of my account this week so we’ll count it in. Once they fix it (it’s supposed to be less because I canceled one of the procedures) then we’ll add it as a refund. I just want to say – I AM SO GLAD I HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND. It’s really saved me this past month. I’ve had a ton of doctor’s visits and meds and without insurance, those can get kind of pricey. Our emergency fund really came through this month. Now we just have to worry about replenishing it. On that note…I got a new job. YAY! (picture confetti and balloons and me popping some champagne) I’m just so happy. I was conflicted because I was worried about making less and working fewer hours but it all worked out. Come back later this week to read more about it.