Goodbye Crappy Apartment, Hello NEW One

We are done moving. Yay. I’ve never been so happy. Moving is hard and we hate it but we just couldn’t stay at our older place. Along with the awful living situation, loud neighbors, and crappy management, we just really wanted to get away from downtown. Too many rowdy college kids coming home drunk at 3AM and being noisy. We just couldn’t take it anymore. Although, the poor management (and I say that lightly cause poor doesn’t even begin to describe them) was the real reason why we left.

I’ve never had such a bad experience. They were rude, careless and down right mean. To start off, the apartment was disgusting when we moved in, we didn’t have running water in the kitchen and everything was falling apart. After numerous phone calls and drop bys to the office, I sent them a nice little letter telling them that they had 5 days to give us water or their rent was going to go into an escrow account. They were there less than 24 hours later, apologizing their asses off. The manager had the audacity of saying that he wished we hadn’t gone to such measures and if he had just known, it would have been taken care of. Oh excuse me that your employees are so incompetent that the 10 times we called and the 10 visits we made to the office were not enough. What an idiot. Well that got fixed quickly. This was only September and our lease was until the end of July so I was feeling pretty crummy knowing that we still had 10 months there. The year was awful and made us hate them even more. I’m just proud of myself for not losing it and burning down the building, that to me was an accomplishment. Anyway out with the old (crummy, gross, idiot filled apartment) and in with the new.

We’ve only been there a couple of weeks but we already love it. It’s quiet, no rowdy college kids, the neighbors are super friendly, we have a porch, ah a porch! The office and maintenance staff are also great and above all the apartment is all renovated with new carpets, new paint, new tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, new appliances and overall all amazing. Not to mention that we now have a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a garbage disposal and a microwave. The rooms are also bigger, by a lot. The guest room is twice the size of the old one with the twice the closet space. Our room is bigger as well as more closet space. We also have two bathrooms now and an actual dining room. The best part though is the kitchen. Our last kitchen was hallway, literally. You opened the front door and there was a tiny hallway that was also our kitchen.  Counters against one wall, stove and fridge across against the other wall. To give you an idea of how small it was, we couldn’t’ open the fridge door all the way because it hit the counters.

But it’s over. We are done with our crappy apartment and we LOVE our new one. It’s bigger and just all around better and we couldn’t be happier.

What’s the worst apartment you’ve ever lived in?