New Job!

imgresIf you read last week’s post then you know I was very conflicted in switching jobs. With my current job, I work full time and make a pretty good amount of money, not great but enough to support my husband and I as he goes to school. I’ve never really been happy with this job. I’ve been with them for almost 3 years and I’ve been looking for a new one ever since. I know, kind of sad. Well when you have bills to pay, you do what you gotta do. Then I stopped looking. I kind of gave up on finding a job that was at least close to my current pay and that would take me. Then just last week, I was offered a job. For starters, they really want me so that alone got me excited and even though they originally offered me part time with a bit less pay, I was willing to make a move if it meant being happier. Life is just way too short and I am way too young to be this miserable. So I decided to apply and go for some interviews. After it was all said and done, they came out with the offer of full time, with benefits, tuition assistance, vacation time and they matched what I am currently making. (Victory Dance) I’ve been wanting to leave this company for a while and now I finally can.

With this new job, I will be interacting with customers and assisting them with technical issues (something that intrigues me deeply) I’ll also have a lot more room for growth and more flexibility in my schedule which is amazing. I should be able to do some morning classes to finish school and still get my full hours. This is just a dream come true for me. I know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but hey I can hope right?

The hardest thing was giving my two weeks notice at my current job. My current boss is super scary and confrontational and when I went to his office to put in my two weeks I was practically having an anxiety attack. I was not confident at all and my voice was shaky, it was just really bad. Then he offered to work with me and give me more flexibility and I just wanted to scream, “No, No, No! Not in a million years. There’s not enough money in the world that would make me stay here. I hate it here and I’m about to kill someone.” As you can imagine, I did NOT say any of that. I just told him that I had already signed with them and that I was a bit burned out here and that it’s time for me to move one. Of course, he then goes to say how I have such great potential. Uh, you couldn’t have said that to me 2 years ago. I’ve ben working my ass off and have never gotten a simple thank you and now you say I have so much potential. Um yeah F*** you! Don’t worry I didn’t say any of that either. Oh well, I am just so excited to learn and grow and move forward with this new company. I really hope that it goes well and that I fit in well into their program. I start in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck ya’ll.

P.S. Drug tests are horrible and I can’t pee under pressure.