Weekly Spending (July 21 – July 27)

Sunday, July 21
$17.50 – Movies for 2
$14.84 – Throw Pillows
$15.65 – Publix Supermarket
$10.58 – Home Depot (Packing Tape)

Monday, July 22
$0.00 – YAY

Tuesday, July 23
$84.79 – Bed Bath & Beyond (Quilt Set)
$27.25 – Avon

Wednesday, July 24
$13.09 – Bed Bath & Beyond (Shower Caddy, Bathroom Trashcan, Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dispenser and Toilet Brush, and a Bamboo Cutlery Tray)
152.07 – Amazon (Sheets, 2 Pillows, 2 Pillow Protectors and a Mattress Pad)

Thursday, July 25
$6.00 – Piesanos Lunch
$103.81 – Bed Bath & Beyond (Bedroom Curtains and Kitchen Accessories)

Friday, July 26
$0.00 – YAY

Saturday, July 27
$1000.00 – Living Room Set (Sofa, Love Seat, Recliner, Coffee Table and 2 End Tables)

Weekly Total = $1445.58
Extra Cash = $17+$17+$3.63
Total Transactions = 10

First off, this week did kind of suck. Mostly because we are moving and we had to get a few things like packing supplies and stuff. We managed to get free boxes and newspapers, but I have not found any place that gives you free rolls of tape. We also had to get a few things for our new apartment since we’re going from a 2bed/1bath to a 2bed/2bath. With that you are probably wondering how the heck did I spend $13 on all that stuff. Well $59.40 store credit with them from a couple of things that we had to return off our registry. We also still had $31.16 left on a gift card we received from our “wedding” last week. And on top of that I had 6 coupons for 20% off one item. So, my total was going to be $116.50 but after all the coupons, store credit and gift cards, I paid $13.09. Not a bad deal huh? I did also buy my quilt set this past Tuesday. And this was definitely not a need but more of must have. Ok, ok more of a want. The comforter set that we have now is a hand-me-down from my mom and although I like it, I don’t love it. It’s really dark and just makes our room feel super gloomy. I really wanted to make our room more relaxing so I went with this light blue quilt set. It has some stitched patterns on it and I absolutely love it. Although it was another expense for us, I do not regret it one bit and I really can’t wait till my house is all set up. There will definitely be pictures up. On Saturday I went and got our living room set. I did it Dave Ramsey style. Showed up with $1000 cash and was not willing to go any higher. Felt pretty good too. We’re just so excited about our move and decorating our new home and I know that July has probably been my worst month when it comes to finances, but you know what? I’ve saved and budgeted for this for months and it feels good to know that we will be moved in with money in our accounts and no debt.

How was your week? Did you stay within your budget?


Weekly Spending (July 14 – July 20)

Sunday, July 14
$0.00 – YAY

Monday, July 15
$18.46 – Sweetbay’s

Tuesday, July 16
$0.00 – YAY

Wednesday, July 17
$6.00 – Lunch
$9.20 – Stamps at Publix
$172.60 – Cell Phone
$6.00 – Bank Fee =/

Thursday, July 18
$0.00 – YAY

Friday, July 19
$0.00 – YAY

Saturday, July 20
$10.00 – Tip for Dinner

Weekly Total = $222.26
Extra Cash = $1730.02
Total Transactions = 6

This week was a LOT better. My only really big expense was my phone but that’s kind of a need. I did grab lunch out on Wednesday which I’m a little upset at myself about. I had been doing pretty well. We did make a lot of extra money this week because we had our Wedding Party over the weekend and a lot of people gave us gifts and checks and even some gift cards so that was really nice. Part of the extra cash is also from something I sold and those awesome 2 cents are from interest earned on my account. I need to switch banks haha. The extra cash doesn’t include the gift cards we received. People were very generous and friendly and we really appreciate it. We had a fantastic time.

Our “Wedding”

The quotes might seem confusing but they apply I promise. We got married last year at the courthouse (we sort of eloped) Anyway, Mr. CrazyRichLife’s parents kept begging us to have a party and we finally gave in. So we invited some close family and friends, organized everything and spent very little. Part of that is that his parents wanted to do something nice for us so they paid and did almost everything. Our only expenses were driving down to Miami and our outfits and accessories. So even though it was technically our wedding party, it was more of just a party to celebrate our marriage. We had a great time though and everything looked beautiful and all the people we cared about were there so it was perfect. We also received some amazing gifts for our new home and some extra cash to help us get settled in our new place. It was a lot of work but I’m so happy we agreed to having a party with our family and friends. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.


Cute light up globes.


Our outside set up.


Outside where the caterers set up. So Pretty!


Our super delicious homemade cupcakes.

Me and Mr. CrazyRichLife

Me and Mr. CrazyRichLife

Us...In Love!

Us…In Love!

Weekly Spending (July 7 – July13)

Sunday, July 7
$137.00 – Vet Visit (Semi Annual Check up)
$37.00 – Gas for Car
$2.59 – Gas for Moped
$18.97 – Amazon – Brita Filters (4)
$13.45 – Amazon – Hanes and Bottle Brush

Monday, July 8
$0.00 – YAY

Tuesday, July 9
$16.96 – Dollar Store
$65.02 – La Aurora Spanish Market

Wednesday, July 10
$37.45 – Gas

Thursday, July 11
$24.50 – Gas

Friday, July 12
$82.00 – Nails (Me and Mother in law)
$24.98 – Target
$51.28 – Dinner

Saturday, July 13
$90.00 – Hair

Weekly Total = $601.20
Extra Cash = $2.40 (Bank Cashback Deals – Woohoo)
Total Transactions = 13

This whole week just hurts to look at.

Sunday was a big spending but they were all necessities. I needed gas for my car and our moped. Dylan was due for his semi annual check up and I wanted to make sure he had everything done right away since we’re boarding him on Saturday. BTW, Dylan’s heartworm test came back negative. We are so happy. We’ve been fighting his heartworms for 2 years and it’s finally over. Lots of medicine, doctors visits, upset tummies, but no more – we’re just so excited fo him. He got some good treats and lots of kisses and cuddles on Sunday. We also really needed Brita Filters, especially now that we stopped buying water bottles. I prefer to buy them in bulk cause it’s cheaper and I don’t have to worry about doing it every few months. Now we have a year’s supply of water for just $18.97 – YAY. The hanes purchase was for underwear – a definite need. I also really needed a bottle brush for my new glass bottles that I’ve been using to store my juices.

20130710_063156Tuesday I did a bit of “unnecessary” spending. I bought some things at the dollar store to make 4 gift baskets (bows, baskets, tissue paper, clear wrapping paper and some Werther’s candy. Then I headed to the local spanish market to purchase a few Brazilian goodies to add to the baskets. Brazilian coffee and chocolates and cookies. Anyway, the reason for the quotes around unnecessary is because I kind of did have to buy those things. Mr. CrazyRichLife’s parents and my mom are throwing us a wedding party since we never had one. They are paying for everything, setting everything up, all we have to do is show up and look pretty so I really wanted to do something special to show them how much we appreciate it. Also, I looked into buying some gift baskets, and for an ok  basket, it was going to cost us around $80 for each one so I figured I could make 4 baskets for $100 instead of spending close to $250 on some ok baskets. In total the baskets cost me $81.98; this way the baskets are more personal and definitely more frugal. What do you think? Should I have just not gotten them anything or was this a good buy?

Then I had to get my nails done and do my hair on Saturday and all the gas to go to Miami and come back – this just wasn’t a good week for me. At least not money wise. And to think that these are just my transactions and that Mr. CrazyRichLife spent another $500 (at least) ahhh, don’t even want to think about it right now. Even though we had a rough week with all of are things going on, plus little extras like our party, new car battery and stuff, I’d say we still managed to stay frugal with what we had going on.

How was your week? Hopefully better than mine.

Check back later in the week for some pictures of our party.

Weekly Spending (June 30 – July 6)

Sunday, June 30
$0.00 – YAY

Monday, July 1
$50.64 – Sam’s Club (Fruits and Veggies for Juicing)
$741.00 – Rent =(

Tuesday, July 2
$31.83 – Sweetbay’s Supermarket (More fruits and veggies)

Wednesday, July 3
$0.00 – YAY

Thursday, July 4
$3.66 – Starbucks Naked Juice

Friday, July 5
$0.00 – YAY

Saturday, July 6
$3.17 – JCPenny Birthday Present (Got an AMAZING Deal)

Weekly Total = $830.30
Extra Cash = $50.00
Total Transactions = 5

New Month means a new start. I had a lot of transactions last month so my goal this month is to cut back on how many transactions I have. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll have a couple of big expenses this month like moving, paying for my new living room set and Dylan’s vet appointment so I need to save as much as possible on my other purchases. I started juicing this week so that helps me not eat out since I can’t really buy fresh squeezed juices at McDonald’s or Subway or pretty much anywhere. I’m forced to pack my lunch (juices) everyday so my eating out habit has greatly improved. That grocery trips you see on Monday and Tuesday is all fruits and veggies for my juicing fast. – super excited. Check out my My First Cleanse to see how much I spent on Juicing and what all I bought. Thursday we went to the mall to look for some shoes for Mr. CrazyRichLife. We were there for a while walking around with out goddaughter and I forgot to bring a juice so I had to buy a Naked Juice at Starbucks. Not bad considering I was dying for some asian food.

My First Cleanse

JuicingAs you all know, I just bought my juicer. Yay. Well it arrived at our home today, as did my glass bottles. Mr. CrazyRichLife and I went to the store to get me my first batch of  fruits and veggies. We spent $53.64 – Not bad for a week’s worth of juicing.


Romaine Lettuce – $3.98
Spinach – $4.48
Cucumber – $3.98 X 2 = $7.96
Celery – $2.68 X 2 = $5.36
Carrots – $2.98 X 3 = $8.94
Garlic 3lbs Peeled – $5.98
Pears  5lbs – $5.98
Limes 5lbs – $3.98
Apples 5lbs – $6.98

Total (no tax for produce – YAY) = $53.64

One bag of carrots is for a friend who asked me to get them for her. She gave me $3 for it so my real total comes out to $50.64. I did have a few berries at the house already that I can add to my juices so the cost of those aren’t included..  Also, the garlic should last a few months and it’s more for cooking than for juicing. I might try a few recipes with garlic but not very many. So my 1 week juicing cleanse comes out to $44.66. Not bad, especially considering the fact that a 3 day cleanse I was going to purchase was going to cost me $147.The only thing left is that I need to go and get some grapefruit, green apples, and some tomatoes at the supermarket. I’m also thinking of getting some loose leaf tea to help me in between “meals”


I went back to the store to pick a few more items. I realized that I need more variety. Also, juicing takes a LOT of fruits and veggies. I spent another $30 buying grapes, watermelon, grapefruit, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and lemons.

Have you ever juiced before? Did you think it was expensive? Check back next week to see my day to day breakdown and to read my ups and downs in my Juicing Diary.

Weekly Spending (June 23 – June 29)

Sunday, June 23
$10.87 – Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt
$13.15 – Publix Supermarket

Monday, June 24
$0.00 – YAY

Tuesday, June 25
$0.00 – YAY

Wednesday, June 26
+ $600 – Refund
$35.00 Chiropractor
$45.00 Hair Trim
$33.87 – Gym (Last Payment since I canceled my membership – YAY extra money)
$23.98 – Starbucks (1 drink + $20 towards my Starbucks card)
$9.95 – Amazon Hair Pin
$0.00/$49.00 – Dentist
$15.00 – Avon necklace, bracelet, and earrings (BOGO)

Thursday, June 27
$146.23 – Amazon (Juicer/Glass Bottles/Thank You Cards)

Friday, June 28
$0.00 – YAY

Saturday, June 29
$0.00 – YAY

Weekly Total = $333.05
Extra Cash = $600
Total Transactions = 9

Ok so Wednesday was not a good day on my bank account. One reason for that is that I took a half day off work to run all my errands. I prefer doing that than spreading them out over the year. Anyway, the dentist part might be confusing you right? The reason for that is that back in February I had purchased a Living Social for a local dentist and it had cost me $49. With that I got a dental exam, X-rays and a good cleaning which was amazing. If I had gone to do that without the living social, it would have cost me $420 – a big difference. Anyway, I put $0.00/$49.00 cause I did pay $49 for it but it was back in February and I didn’t have to pay anything extra when I went there so that was nice. The Avon purchase and the Amazon purchase we’re definitely extras. The reason for that is that we never had a wedding reception or party or anything when we got married. Mr. CrazyRichLife and I got married at the courthouse (two poor college kids) so his parents are now throwing us a little party/reception to celebrate so I bought a hair pin on Amazon and the jewelry from Avon to go with my dress. The cool thing about Avon is that they were doing a sale where it was two sets for $15. So I got the pearl set and another birthstone set for my mom. Worked out pretty well. As for extra money, I got a $600 refund cause my BFF was supposed to come from Brazil to visit but that got canceled. I also canceled my gym membership like I said I would, as did Mr. CrazyRichLife so yay. We’re saving $1032 a year just by canceling our memberships. I bought a juicer this week – YAY. Ok so that’s not a money yay, that’s more of a yay, I’ve been looking and wanting one for 5 months and finally got one kind of yay.

How has your week turned out? Better or worse than you planned for?

Bought a juicer…and some glass bottles!

juicingThis week I bought a juicer off Amazon. This was a really hard decision for me. I’ve been trying really hard to not buy anything that we don’t need. I really want to increase my savings and I want to learn how to live off less, so making the actual payment was really hard. It wasn’t an impulsive buy; I’ve been looking into getting a juicer for about 5 months now.I’ve done lots of research on the different kinds, I went and talked to someone at Sears about it and I talked to someone at Bed Bath and Beyond about it to guarantee I was getting the best option for my money. So after all my research and all my going back and forth, I finally bought one. Continue reading