Weekly Spending (Aug 4 – Aug 10)

Sunday, August 4
$0.00 – YAY

Monday, August 5
$72.37 – Publix
$15.95 – CVS

Tuesday, August 6
$26.32 – Publix
$5.00 – Haile Village Bistro
$63 – Doctor’s Appointment

Wednesday, August 7
$159.80 – Amazon (3 Picture Frames, 2 HDMI chords, Cascade Bucket and Ultramix Organic Dog Food)

Thursday, August 8
$6.88 – CVS (Feminine Products)
$69.85 – HSN.com (Juicer for my mom)
$12.32 – Publix

Friday, August 9
$7.95 – Subway

Saturday, August 10
$0.00 – YAY

Weekly Total = $439.44
Extra Cash = $17 (MysteryShop)
Total Transactions = 10

So this week I had an unexpected expense (my doctors appointment) Luckily it wasn’t too bad, I honestly thought it would be more so I’m happy. I had been feeling some abdominal pain off and on for about a week and decided to go to the doctor to make sure everything was ok. (side note: guys have it way too easy, they don’t have a doctor al up in their business poking and prodding at them, just saying) Anyway, they gave me a full lady exam and turns out that they are still not sure what’s going on with me. They gave me meds for an infection but and told me to take it and see how I feel. I have some signs and symptoms of an infection, but not enough for them to be sure. Hoping and praying it’s nothing serious. I also bought some other items for the house. We’ve had this three pictures rolled up in a tube for over a year and have never found frames for them. We looked for a while and couldn’t find anything so we gave up and now that we moved into the new place, we were reminded of them so I decided to look for frames again. We found some we liked and I went ahead and bought a couple more items we needed. We’re trying to buy better food for our dog Dylan. He eats so little as is, so it’s not like we’ll go broke from buying him better food. He deserves something good, right? As for the juicer, it’s my mom’s birthday next month and she’s been talking about a juicer ever since I did my juice cleanse so we decided it was time she got one. I normally never shop on HSN but a friend told me about this juicer they had as their deal of the day; 50% off, you can’t go wrong with that. We got it for a good price plus we don’t have to look for a present for my mom.

How was your week? Any unexpected “emergencies”?