Save when Using the Bathroom

We always read about how important it is to save water, you know? Go green and stuff. Take shorter showers, don’t leave the sink running when you brush your teeth, flush once a day, well just kidding about that one, you should always flush. Nobody wants to see that in your toilet. Anyway,  even though saving water is very important, that is not the only way to save when you’re in the bathroom.

Liquid Products

It’s very easy to get carried away with your shampoo, body wash or even your face wash. I am guilty of doing this. I squirt a handful of shampoo in my hand, probably 2 to 3 times the amount I actually need to clean my hair. Then I squeeze a long stream of body wash into my loofa thinking that the more soap I use the cleaner I’ll be, right? WRONG. I’m not saying that you should not clean yourself properly to just save a few buck, I’m saying that you can use the correct amount when it comes you your liquids in the bathroom. A little bit of shampoo goes along way when you start rubbing it your hair. A dab of body wash will clean you just as well as half the bottle and a pea size drop of face wash will get the job done without being wasteful.


This kind of goes along with the liquid products, you don’t need to fill the entire brush with toothpaste, a small dab of it will usually do more than enough. Your tube will last you twice as long and your pearly whites will still look amazing.

Toilet Paper

We’ve all seen the commercial of the Charmin Toilet Paper bears dancing and using half a roll of toilet paper to wipe their little fluffy bear booties. You know the song. “Charming Ultra, Less is More.” Well that applies for most toilet paper. My husband is guilty of this one. I’d put a new role in the bathroom and next thing I know, half of it would be gone. And I buy good toilet paper so it’s not like you need a 10 foot long piece to wipe yourself. Use less toilet paper. Just do it.  Even with the brandless toile paper, you can use less. Again, don’t be gross and still wipe yourself properly, but rethink how much you are using at a time.


Is Shopping at Sam’s Worth it?

Sam's ClubFor the past couple of years I’ve done most of my shopping at Sam’s Club. Bread, chips, soy milk, pretty much anything that won’t go bad in a matter of days. I’ve tried to buy fruit there, but it usually goes bad before I can eat it all or I end up freezing it to make smoothies. Not a bad idea except that I have a ton of frozen fruit in my freezer and I’m not big into making smoothies. Continue reading

Buy it Online

shockersThere are certain things in life that you just can’t live without. For me, it’s shockers. You know that amazingly sour Wonka candy. Well I could eat those day and night. They are the only sour candies that are truly sour. I usually buy them at Toys R Us. For some reason, they are the only place left who have shockers. Crazy right? Anyway, They are $1.29 per roll. Not too bad considering you get about 30 pieces per roll. So the other day, A (my husband) and I were at Toys R Us buying me some shockers when he had the great idea to buy them online instead. Continue reading