Weekly Spending (July 28 – Aug 3)

Sunday, July 28
$0.00 – YAY

Monday, July 29
$70.00 – Gators Dockside (Dinner for 3)

Tuesday, July 30
$38.00 – Camp Marlin (Daycare for our dog Dylan)
$2.07 – Starbucks (Coffee for Father-in-Law)
$27.34 – Piesanos (Dinner for moving crew aka family)
$19.85 – Publix (Beer for moving crew)

Wednesday, July 31
$71.28 – Publix

Thursday, August 1
$2.33 – Haile Village Bistro (Bagel)
$15.55 – Publix (Lunch and Snacks for the house)

Friday, August 2
$0.00 – YAY

Saturday, August 3
$246.94 – Bed Bath & Beyond
$25.54 – Sweetbay Supermarket

Weekly Total = $518.90
Extra Cash = 23.48 (Refund from Amazon)
Total Transactions = 10

We had some extra expenses this week. Since we were moving, we either had everything already packed, or we just didn’t have anything to eat so we ate out a bit. We had lunch out on Monday as well but Mr. CrazyRichLife’s dad paid for that. He also paid for our U-Haul so that was really nice. Along with financial help, his parents were super amazing with helping us move. They drove 5 hours to spend all day helping us take furniture and boxes up and down the stairs and clean and organize our new home. They are so amazing and we are so thankful because we could not do it alone. Side note: I’ve been experience some abdominal pain lately and the day before our move it got really bad, like curled up in bed crying kind of pain. I thought it was temporary but sure enough, Tuesday morning I’m still in pain and can’t lift anything. I picked up my laptop and it hurt me. So having his parents here was a need. They were planning on coming anyway but we’re even more thankful because I could barely do anything on Tuesday. Anyway, the move went great. We got everything in the apartment and everything put in place. They spend the night with us Tuesday and spent all day organizing on Wednesday, which was nice again because I had to go back to work. On Saturday we went back to BB&B and cleaned up our registry. We had received a 20% off our entire order coupon so we took advantage of it. Got some curtains, kitchen trashcan, a welcome mat, a bed skirt, and a few other items for the house.

How was your week? Everything you hoped?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Spending (July 28 – Aug 3)

  1. I hope your stomach is doing better now. Any ideas what could have caused that kind of pain?

    And yes, family is amazing in times like these. Don’t know what I’d ever do without my family. They’ve helped me through three moves since 2007, and they never ask for anything in return.

    I’m looking forward to August, planning to buckle down and get some saving done!

    • I went to the doc and they weren’t sure so they gave me medicine for UTI. I got worse so I went back this past Tuesday and the infection had spread to my kidneys, cause I was immune to the first medication so they put me on some new stuff. I think I’m finally beginning to feel better, we’ll see. I’m hoping my August gets better, so far not so good.

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