Our “Wedding”

The quotes might seem confusing but they apply I promise. We got married last year at the courthouse (we sort of eloped) Anyway, Mr. CrazyRichLife’s parents kept begging us to have a party and we finally gave in. So we invited some close family and friends, organized everything and spent very little. Part of that is that his parents wanted to do something nice for us so they paid and did almost everything. Our only expenses were driving down to Miami and our outfits and accessories. So even though it was technically our wedding party, it was more of just a party to celebrate our marriage. We had a great time though and everything looked beautiful and all the people we cared about were there so it was perfect. We also received some amazing gifts for our new home and some extra cash to help us get settled in our new place. It was a lot of work but I’m so happy we agreed to having a party with our family and friends. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.


Cute light up globes.


Our outside set up.


Outside where the caterers set up. So Pretty!


Our super delicious homemade cupcakes.

Me and Mr. CrazyRichLife

Me and Mr. CrazyRichLife

Us...In Love!

Us…In Love!


6 thoughts on “Our “Wedding”

  1. Gorgeous! The cupcakes are almost too beautiful to eat, the outdoor set up at night is breathtaking, your dress is gorg, and you two make a very handsome couple. 🙂 Congrats!

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