Weekly Spending (July 7 – July13)

Sunday, July 7
$137.00 – Vet Visit (Semi Annual Check up)
$37.00 – Gas for Car
$2.59 – Gas for Moped
$18.97 – Amazon – Brita Filters (4)
$13.45 – Amazon – Hanes and Bottle Brush

Monday, July 8
$0.00 – YAY

Tuesday, July 9
$16.96 – Dollar Store
$65.02 – La Aurora Spanish Market

Wednesday, July 10
$37.45 – Gas

Thursday, July 11
$24.50 – Gas

Friday, July 12
$82.00 – Nails (Me and Mother in law)
$24.98 – Target
$51.28 – Dinner

Saturday, July 13
$90.00 – Hair

Weekly Total = $601.20
Extra Cash = $2.40 (Bank Cashback Deals – Woohoo)
Total Transactions = 13

This whole week just hurts to look at.

Sunday was a big spending but they were all necessities. I needed gas for my car and our moped. Dylan was due for his semi annual check up and I wanted to make sure he had everything done right away since we’re boarding him on Saturday. BTW, Dylan’s heartworm test came back negative. We are so happy. We’ve been fighting his heartworms for 2 years and it’s finally over. Lots of medicine, doctors visits, upset tummies, but no more – we’re just so excited fo him. He got some good treats and lots of kisses and cuddles on Sunday. We also really needed Brita Filters, especially now that we stopped buying water bottles. I prefer to buy them in bulk cause it’s cheaper and I don’t have to worry about doing it every few months. Now we have a year’s supply of water for just $18.97 – YAY. The hanes purchase was for underwear – a definite need. I also really needed a bottle brush for my new glass bottles that I’ve been using to store my juices.

20130710_063156Tuesday I did a bit of “unnecessary” spending. I bought some things at the dollar store to make 4 gift baskets (bows, baskets, tissue paper, clear wrapping paper and some Werther’s candy. Then I headed to the local spanish market to purchase a few Brazilian goodies to add to the baskets. Brazilian coffee and chocolates and cookies. Anyway, the reason for the quotes around unnecessary is because I kind of did have to buy those things. Mr. CrazyRichLife’s parents and my mom are throwing us a wedding party since we never had one. They are paying for everything, setting everything up, all we have to do is show up and look pretty so I really wanted to do something special to show them how much we appreciate it. Also, I looked into buying some gift baskets, and for an ok  basket, it was going to cost us around $80 for each one so I figured I could make 4 baskets for $100 instead of spending close to $250 on some ok baskets. In total the baskets cost me $81.98; this way the baskets are more personal and definitely more frugal. What do you think? Should I have just not gotten them anything or was this a good buy?

Then I had to get my nails done and do my hair on Saturday and all the gas to go to Miami and come back – this just wasn’t a good week for me. At least not money wise. And to think that these are just my transactions and that Mr. CrazyRichLife spent another $500 (at least) ahhh, don’t even want to think about it right now. Even though we had a rough week with all of are things going on, plus little extras like our party, new car battery and stuff, I’d say we still managed to stay frugal with what we had going on.

How was your week? Hopefully better than mine.

Check back later in the week for some pictures of our party.


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