Juicing Diary – Day by Day Breakdown

Day 1 – July 1, 2013

Dinner: 1 Apple, 3 Large Carrots and 4 Celery stems

A bit hard right when I went to bed cause I was pretty hungry, but I got an awesome night of sleep.

Day 2 – July 2, 2013

juicingBreakfast: 1 Apple, 1 Banana, 6 Strawberries, 15 Blueberries, 2 Pears
Snack: 4 Celery Stems, 1 Cucumber, Handful of Spinach and 1/2 Lime
Lunch: Head of Romaine Lettuce, 1/2 Lime, Handful of Spinach and 5 Carrot and 4 Garlic cloves
Dinner: 5 Carrots and 2 Sweet Potatoes

This was a really hard day. I thought the breakfast juice would hold me over for a while but I was wrong. I had a snack at 11AM which needs to be modified. It was a bit bitter so I’ll add an apple or pear next time. I drank a lot of water and tea today to help hold me over but my stomach was still crying all day. I did break down midday and I had 20 pistachios. It’s really hard to juice, but I know that I’ll be happy once I’m done and I look and feel great. I also made a mental note to  put less garlic next time. It was still really good, but definitely a little strong.

Day 3 – July 3, 2013

juicing breakfastBreakfast: 54 Small Seedless Grapes, 1 Grapefruit, 1 Red Apple and 1 Pear
Snack: 4 Celery Stems, 1 Cucumber, Handful of Spinach, 1 Green Apple and 1/2 Lime
Lunch: Head of Romaine Lettuce, Handful of Spinach, 2 Small Tomatoes, 4Carrots, 1/2 Lime and 1 Garlic Clove
Snack: 1 Grapefruit, 10 Chunks of Watermelon, and 1 Lime
Dinner: 1 Cucumber, 9 Carrots and a handful of Spinach

Today was really hard. No more citrus in the morning, my stomach was upset for hours. My body hit the detox head on and I’m feeling pretty awful. Joint pain, headache, a bit of nausea. That’s all normal, or so I’ve read in 3 or 4 places. This is when it get’s really hard. Your body is aching, you feel really tired. This is when you have to remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. You are doing the juicing cleanse to well…cleanse. It’s going to be heard, you’re going to be tired, your body may feel like it’s going to break, but just keep pushing. It’s 90% mental right? I also read that the sugar doesn’t really help the detox process and to do mostly veggies and fruits that are low in sugar so for tomorrow, I’m going to modify my juices so that I have less sugar. On the bright side, I’m beginning to see improvement in my hair and skin. My hair is definitely silkier, and my skin has a nice glow.

Day 4 – July 4, 2013

yummy lunchBreakfast: 2 Pears, 2 Red Apples, 10 Celery Stems
Snack: Green Naked Juice
Lunch: Head of Romaine Lettuce, Handful of Spinach, 2 Small Tomatoes, 6 Carrots 1 Garlic Clove and 1/2 Lime
Snack: 1 Pear, 1 Red Apple, 2 Green Apples
Dinner: 3 Beets, 2 Carrots, Handful of Spinach and 1/2 Lime

A Pretty good day. I was craving some good 4th of July food but it wasn’t all that bad. Mr. CrazyRichLife and I spent the morning at the mall with out goddaughter and I did forget to bring my juice cause I didn’t think we’d be that long so I had to buy a Naked Juice from Starbucks. It was not good. I know they say that they are 100% natural but there is no way. If they were really “natural” then they wouldn’t last 3 months. Plus they were so sweet but that might just be cause they sit for so long and the sugar ferments.

Day 5 – July 5, 2013

light snackBreakfast: 2 Green Apples, 1 Pear and 6 Carrots
Snack: 1 Cucumber, 12 Celery Stems, Handful of Spinach, 1 Green Apple and 1/2 Lime
Lunch: Head of Romaine Lettuce, Handful of Spinach, 2 Small Tomatoes, 6 Carrots 1 Garlic Clove and 1/2 Lime
Snack: 12 Chunks of Watermelon and 1/2 Grapefruit
Dinner: 2 Sweet Potatoes, 4 Carrots and Handful of Spinach

Pretty good day. I really love the watermelon grapefruit, especially when it’s afternoon and I’m craving a little something sweet and light. The sweet potatoes are also incredible, they give a nice texture to the juice, almost a milky texture. It also keeps you full a  little longer so it’s nice.

Day 6 – July 6, 2013

dinnerBreakfast: 1/2 Grapefruit and 2 Egg Whites (solids)
Snack: Watermelon (solids)
Lunch: Grilled Chicken and Salad (solids)
Snack: 1/2 Grapefruit (solids)
Dinner: 3 Carrots and 3 Beets (juice)

I began adding some solids today to see how my body would handle it. Not bad, it definitely gave me a full feeling, like more than before. I had a small piece of chicken breast and a little bit of spinach and carrots and I was super full, and for a really long time. The carrots and beets juice for dinner was nice cause my stomach was able to rest all night.

Day 7 – July 7, 2013

fruits and veggiesBreakfast: 1 Mango, 3 Carrots, 1 Sweet Potato, 6 Celery Stems and 1/2 Lime (juice)
Snack: 10 Celery Stems, 1 Cucumber, 1 Green Apple and 1/2 Lime (juice)
Lunch: Grilled Tilapia and Salad (solids)
Snack: Grapes
Dinner: 3 Carrots and 3 Beets (juice)
Snack: Watermelon

I’m not a fan of mangoes. They are just too sweet for me. I love eating green mangoes but those are not very good for juicing. Even though I had the lime and celery to make it more bitter, the mangoes were just too strong. I’d probably do half a mango next time.

UPDATE: You will pee purplish red (beet color) when you drink beet juice so don’t freak out. Sorry if this is a bit TMI.


8 thoughts on “Juicing Diary – Day by Day Breakdown

  1. All of these pictures are making me hungry! I’ve never juiced before. I get really bad migraines when I don’t eat enough, and I’ve been told juicing would be a bad idea for me. BOOO! I wish I could though!

    • Maybe you can try having a juice as a snack or as part of your dinner. I felt pretty sick the first couple of days – headache, joint ache but it got a bit better. I love juicing now.

    • Yeah, it’s weird not chewing things, you don’t realize how much you enjoy chewing until you can’t. Yum, green mangos and carrots sound really good. Gonna have to try that soon. Thanks.

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