Bought a juicer…and some glass bottles!

juicingThis week I bought a juicer off Amazon. This was a really hard decision for me. I’ve been trying really hard to not buy anything that we don’t need. I really want to increase my savings and I want to learn how to live off less, so making the actual payment was really hard. It wasn’t an impulsive buy; I’ve been looking into getting a juicer for about 5 months now.I’ve done lots of research on the different kinds, I went and talked to someone at Sears about it and I talked to someone at Bed Bath and Beyond about it to guarantee I was getting the best option for my money. So after all my research and all my going back and forth, I finally bought one.

I also bought 6 glass bottles so that I could take juice to work. I could have gotten some plastic bottles, I know they are cheaper, but they really aren’t good for the environment plus the glass ones are much better for storing natural juices.

Why Now?

The reason for getting it this week is that well, for one, I want to do a juice cleanse and I looked at buying one and it was $147 plus shipping for a 3 day cleanse – crazy huh? So I decided to instead spend $100 on a juicer, plus the $30 for my glass bottles to have as many juicing cleanses as I want. Another reason I got it this weeks is because I have to fit into this gorgeous dress in exactly 15 days and as much as I’ve been working out and cutting back on junk food, I still have a bit of a stomach that my dress is just not agreeing with. I figured that the juicing might help and if not then hey, it’s still a healthy thing to do.


I was able to score a few books off my amazon prime account for free so that was nice, I also added a new board to my Pinterest account so that I could get some recipes and work out ideas. I have a couple of friends who have done juicing before so I’ll definitely get some ideas from them. I am super excited to be starting this new journey.

Have you ever tried juicing? Do you have any recipes to share?


5 thoughts on “Bought a juicer…and some glass bottles!

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  4. The cost of good health is much lower than the cost of getting sick, but I can definitely understand not wanting to spend that much on Amazon all at once! Do you use the Bing rewards program? You get points for searches which you can redeem for gift cards, including Starbucks and Amazon. I LOVE it! I’m saving up my points until I have enough to cover at least half of a Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor.

    • That sounds awesome. I never heard of Bing Rewards but I’ve been looking into getting an Amazon Card cause I just found out that you get points for using it, and you can use it anywhere. Gas, groceries, etc…

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