Weekly Spending (June 16 – June 22)

Sunday, June 16
$0.00 – YAY

Monday, June 17
$6.00 – Lunch at Piesanos

Tuesday, June 18
$6.19 – Lunch at South Garden
$38.00 – Gas

Wednesday, June 19
$12.80 – Publix Supermarket
$4.59 – Drinks at Shell Gas Station

Thursday, June 20
$171.92 – Cell Phone

Friday, June 21
+ $40.00 – Baby sitting money – woohoo

Saturday, June 22
$0.00 – YAY

Weekly Total = $239.50
Extra Cash = $40.00
Total Transactions = 6

This is my first week truly counting my spendings. Ok, so I didn’t have a great start but I didn’t officially decide to ramp up my savings until this past Wednesday so next week should look a lot better. I also had to put gas in my car this week and pay for my cell. The cell phone bill is for me and my mom. She pays for my auto insurance and I pay for our phones at this time. On the bright side, I made $40 baby sitting. I don’t do that very often, once a month or so, so it was nice to have the extra bit of cash in my pocket. It’s not much, but hey i’t a tank of gas that will last me two weeks.

I’d also like to try out Katie from girlwithredballoon.com idea on instead of counting No Spend Days, trying to see what my total transactions are. I agree with her that you could just push all your shopping into one day and have 6 no spend days. This is a bit different for me since eating out is my problem and I can’t eat 5 meals out in one day and just skip out on the rest.

How has your week turned out? Did you stick to your budget?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Spending (June 16 – June 22)

  1. I love your “YAY” on days when you don’t spend anything. 🙂 That’s the reaction I have as well.

    Since eating out is your problem, I think no spend days help as well. I almost went out for fast food yesterday, but focusing on my spending report helped, as silly as that sounds. “Is eating fast food going to help you reach your savings goal? Wouldn’t it be better to get groceries and pay less for the amount of food you’ll get?” So I turned the car around and went home.

    • Yeah, having to write it down and stay accountable definitely helps me stay on track. Plus, I love being able to put a YAY after the days I don’t spend. It makes me feel accomplished. Silly huh?

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