How our Cheap Anniversary Trip Turned into a Messy Car Expense

flat tireWe just got back from our lovely Miami vacation. Perfect weather, amazing food, fun activities, we had a blast. It was just what we needed too. A nice relaxing weekend out of town, and cheap too. We go to Miami quite often. Mr. CrazyRichLife has family in Miami so we end up spending very little when we go. We basically spend $40 in gas to go and another $40 to come back and the occasional dinner out. This trip was no different.

We stayed at his mom’s house in her five star suite resort, I mean guest room, so no hotel expenses were needed. She also feeds us all the time (seriously, I think I gained 5 pounds on this trip) so we really don’t spend anything on food which is nice. Plus, she’s a great cook so our five star resort  has a five star restaurant included.

butterfly on fruitFor entertainment and for our 1 Year Anniversary -woot woot – we went to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden which was also free since his family has a membership and we get free guest passes. They always have great exhibits for you to look at and this time around they had a butterfly garden where you could walk in between the butterflies, it was magical. We also saw a cute kitty, I’m not sure if it’s a stray or if it belongs to the garden, but Mr. CrazyRichLife wouldn’t let me bring it home.

We also hung out by the pool – I got an awesome tan – and relaxed around the house. Trust me, if you had the yard she has, you’d be outside 24/7 and never leave. To keep our expenses down even further, we brought our pup along to avoid boarding fees. Not to mention, he loves to visit his grandma in Miami. He gets to run around the yard all day so what’s not to like.

For our anniversary dinner, we decided to go to Mr. CrazyRichLife’s brother’s restaurant in downtown Miami. Well it’s not his restaurant, but he manages it so it’s practically his. Anyway, we went to Town Kitchen & Bar  and we had a great time. We had great food, the atmosphere was perfect and it wasn’t too crowded. His brother really hooked us up too. Let’s just say that our meal was really really cheap.

Our only other expenses were $18 at the movies to watch Fast and Furious 6 and $45 at Robert is Here – this amazing fruit stand that has every weird fruit you can think of. They had jackfruit – something I haven’t seen since I was 8 in Brazil, they had passion fruit – another fruit that I have seen in ages, and they had sugar cane, mangoes, prickly pears, etc. It was great. I felt like a kid on christmas morning.

The Fortune Cookie

So now comes the expensive part of our trip. We left Miami Tuesday morning and about 4 hours from home the car began trembling a bit. Within a couple of minutes the tire pressure light went on and about a minute after that the car began swerving out of control. Luckily, we were able to slow down and ease the car onto the side of the road. Have you ever lost control of your car at 80 mph? It is one of the scariest things in the world. You are probably wondering how a fortune cookies fits into all of this. Well the night before we had gone to PF Changs – a treat from his dad so no money spent there – and after an amazing weekend, my fortune cookies says “Your luck is about to change.” Although I’m not really superstitious or anything, Im blaming my fortune cookie for our flat tire. Hmmm, maybe I can sue PF Changs. Haha no, all in all we can say that we were very lucky. No one was hurt, we didn’t crash into anything – always a plus, and we were right by an exit with a Sam’s club where we could get tires. There is no way we were gonna drive on a spare for nearly 250 miles.

We were also lucky to have some emergency money put aside for things just like this. Even though we planned our trip to the penny and gave ourselves some extra money for miscellaneous items, car tires were definitely not in our budget. Now our next step is to replenish our emergency fund.

Have you had any unexpected mishaps lately? Did you have an emergency fund to help you out?


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