More movies.So, there are a ton of good movies coming out that I just have to see. And by have to I mean really really want to see them. There is Star Trek Into Darkness that just came out this past weekend, and let me tell you. It was incredible. Lots of action and a bit of comedy and romance, just perfect. Then there is my favorite coming out this weekend – Fast and Furious 6. I know, I know, just a bunch of cars and guns and things blowing up but the Fast and Furious movies bring back so many good memories. I’ve seen every single one in theater. In fact, Fast and Furious 2 was the first movie I ever saw in theaters when I came to US back in 2002. So once again, I have to see this one. Then there’s Monters University – who can miss this one, Despicable Me 2, After Earth, Thor: The Dark World, The Internship and Grown Ups 2 (another personal favorite).

One problem, that is a lot of money to spend at the movie theater. Honey and I try to go to the matinee movies so that we save some money and he has his student ID that helps as well but that’s still a lot of money. Think about it, two movie tickets (a matinee and a student) so about $16 per movie. Times that by 8 (for movies we have yet to see) and we’re at $128 just fot the tickets. Add popcorn and a soda and we’re at almost $200 total. And I didn’t even name every movie that we want to see. So what to do? Well we decided to cut back on other entertainment so that we can still enjoy our movie dates. So we’ll cut back on 3 dinners out that would normally cost us $40 per dinner so $120. Then the other $80 we’ll cut back by not grabbing lunch out when we’re at work. That’s a bad habit that we need to stop anyway.


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