Being Healthy Ain’t Cheap

snack timeI’ve started a new workout and I’m so excited. It’s fun to do and I’m getting addicted which in this case, it’s a great thing. I’ve always liked exercising but finding something I truly have fun with and get a workout at the same time, now that’s the trick. I’m currently doing the Brazil Butt Lift DVDs and they are incredible. You really feel the workout and you actually sweat. Plus the guy has a funny accent so even if you don’t do the workout, you exercise your abs from laughing at him. Anyway, as fun as working out is, it ain’t cheap. My gym membership alone costs me $33.56 a month. Then you need workout clothes, and workout shoes and those are definitely not cheap. Then you start adding extras like DVDs to work out at home, plus your  essentials like a yoga mat, a cute water bottle, a pedometer, etc… You get the idea. Just in workout gear, you’re up $200 easy. But working out isn’t the only part of a healthy life style.

You Are What You Eat

I’m sure you’ve heard that term before and it is SO true. After I moved in with my honey I’ve been eating so poorly its just sad. Pizza, chips, soda, hot dogs, cake, candy and so on. You name an unhealthy item and we have it in our pantry. Part of the reason for that is that it’s so cheap to eat poorly. We’ll spend $50 on those items and eat for a week whereas fruits and veggies, well we’ll spend $50 and eat for maybe two days. Same goes for lean meats. Those are always more expensive than your fried chicken.

We are also lazy. We’d rather grab something out then cook at home and of course we live by a million unhealthy restaurants. There is a McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme like a block away, who can resist a fresh donut. They tease us with their “Hot Now” sign.

This is all about to change though. For one thing we are moving and they are no restaurants within walkind distance but also Im determined to have a sexy body. Not an ok body, but a “Damn, she’s sexy” kind of body. I am determined to exercise more (shake my booty with the Brazil Butt Lift DVDs) and eat better. The extra bit of money I spend now on healthier foods will be well worth the thousands I’ll save on medical bills from high blood pressure and sucky cholesterol.

What are some things you’ve done/are doing to be healthier?


2 thoughts on “Being Healthy Ain’t Cheap

  1. “…finding something I truly have fun with and get a workout at the same time, now that’s the trick”. That’s so true. We actually just go without a car when we are overseas and walk everywhere. Makes us tired at the end of the day and we sleep like babies. Good luck?

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