You picked the wrong person to scam

Don't get scammedThis all started when I decided to make an investment. The jewelry company I worked for was liquidating so everything was 60% off the cost price which is already super cheap. I had some money saved up and decided to buy some inventory pieces and sell them for a profit. Great idea right? So I bought some rings and set up a Paypal and eBay account to sell these items. I put a yellow gold emerald ring for sale on eBay and waited. I had some bids and one of the bidders contacted me offering to make a deal. I was in no rush to sell the ring so I declined her offer and told her that the price I had it for stands and that if it doesn’t sell it wont be a problem. I’d just hold on to it.

The item didn’t sell so this bidder contacted me again saying that they’d buy it for the price I was asking. I set it up again on eBay and this bidder bought it right away. I got her money via Paypal  made a label using my eBay account as they suggested and sent the item the next morning. The item arrived there on a Thursday but it required signature confirmation so it went to the post office for the buyer to pick up. The weekend went by and the buyer emails me Monday night saying that the item was damaged and demanding me to pay for the repairs. Uh how did the ring get damaged when it was in a ring box, inside another box, inside a bubble wrap package, inside another box? Yeah I don’t think so. I told the buyer, “nice try, but I’m not stupid” The buyer then proceeded to threaten me with “legal action” if I didn’t comply. I ignored this comment. Then the buyer threatened me again saying that with their perfect record and my new seller record, no one would believe me and would instead believe them. Um yeah, too bad. Well I continued to ignore this buyer and haven’t heard from them in almost 10 days.

The sad thing is that people get scammed like this all the time. A lot of people end up losing their money  and the item and eBay sides with the buyer every time. There are people who claim to have never received the item and eBay refunds them the money, no questions asked. WTF? That is not a business practice I want to be a part of. I tried closing my eBay account but they say I have to wait 30 days after a payment. Well don’t worry, as soon as I hit my 30 days, I am out of there.

I’m not saying that everyone is scamming on eBay and I’m sure there are people that really do send you the wrong item or a damaged item. Besides venting so that I don’t F****** punch someone in the face, I want to make others aware that you could get scammed. Just be careful. For some people it really is all about the money.


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