Got a New TV! Yay!

I love my new TV

I love my new TV

I know, I know. I havent’ written in a while. My life’s just been a bit hectic lately. But I’m back and I’m on track. We hired a new writer at work so I have more time to spend on my personal writing.
Anyway, the new TV. We bought a new Samsung 51 inch TV and we LOVE it. Not to mention the amazing price we got it for. We’ve been looking for a new TV for a while now so when we saw this one, it was a done deal.

We had a Samsung 32 inch flat screen but we really wanted something that would fill up the wall a bit more. You’re probably thinking, “Well you didn’t need one.” And you’re right but we wanted one and we planned and budgeted for one so we got one. We refuse to pay with a credit card especially for something we don’t need. And that’s really the key. You shouldn’t cut out all the fun in your life and just save every penny. Like I said in my previous post, Saving should be FUN!!!! Save for something you want to do or a new toy. Save for a vacation or a spa day. You don’t have to put every extra penny into a retirement fund. That way you’ll be 60 years old with a ton of money and nothing good to remember of your young years.

Don’t go all crazy though. If it’s a big purchase make sure you think long a hard before you make that purchase. Don’t spend the money you have saved up on a big purchase but instead save towards that big item. We’ve had the money to buy a TV. We could have used the money we already had, but it being such a big purchase, we decided to set up a designate TV fund and I’m glad we did. Now we have a new TV plus all the money that we already had saved up.

What are somethings you’ve saved for or are saving up for?


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