Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Put that piggy to good use.I love to save money. I don’t mean that I save because I have to or because I’ve read Dave Ramsey so I’m guilted into saving. No. I mean that I truly enjoy saving money. I love putting a bit of my paycheck away every week. I love looking at my bank account and seeing those digits increase. It just feels so good to save. You’re probably wondering how that can be possible. No one truly enjoys saving, they just do it cause they have to or because they are afraid that if the don’t save then they’ll be screwed when an emergency happens.

Saving doesn’t have to be done out of fear. It should be fun for you to save. Right now I’m saving to buy a new living room set when we move. I’ve been dreaming of a large, comfortable couch, of a new coffee table and entertainment system. I can’t wait to move and set everything up the way I want and decorate and maybe even paint. I am so excited about owning my own living room set that saving for it every month has been just absolutely amazing.

I’m also saving for my best friend to come visit in the summer. I want to take her to Sea World, and the Kennedy Space Center; I want us to go to the beach and go out to eat and just have fun together. When I think of all the amazing things we’re going to be doing this summer, putting a bit of money aside each week is a piece of cake. Yeah I could charge it to my credit card and pay it off, but that makes me super uncomfortable. I’d rather have the money saved up and not worry about having to pay it back.

Doing fun things often cost money, but don’t make saving money a chore. Yes you should save and have a fund for emergencies, but save for things you enjoy as well. Like a new TV or a weekend trip. You can’t spell saving without fun. Well you can, but that’s not the point.

Save money, have fun and enjoy your life.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

  1. Love this! Puts a new perspective on saving. I save for emergencies and I fund little accounts to handle unexpected expenses. I wouldn’t say that I enjoy saving, but I do enjoy watching my balances rise. 🙂

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