Weekends are Tough

keep-calm-and-go-out-98I, like most people, work all week long. I leave the house around 8 and don’t get back till almost 6PM. Once I get home, I either lay around and relax or head to the gym for a quick workout. This leaves me no room to spend any extra money. I’m usually to tired after work to really do anything so the only money I spend during the week is for groceries and gas. Then comes the weekend.

On the weekends, I wake up around 8:30AM and sit there twirling my thumbs till I’m ready to get up and out of bed. Then we get up, make the bed, take the dog for a walk, eat breakfast and pick up around the house; after all this it’s only 10AM. What to do? Everything costs money. I guess we could go to the park, again. Or just sit around the house and watch TV and play video games, but I want to go out. I want to do something. I work all week and now I want to enjoy myself, without spending half my paycheck. Is it ok to spend a little bit of money after working so hard? It can’t be all work no play right?

Fun things to get you out of the house that don’t cost too much:

1. Movie theater – Yes it’s $12 to go to the movie, but why not go early and catch a matinee. You’ll save some money and still get to have fun.

2. Picnic – If the weather is nice, pick up a couple of things at the grocery store and  go on a picnic. You get to be out of the house for a couple of hours and spend some much needed quality time with your honey.

3. Roller skating – There has to be a skating rink somewhere close to your house. Grab your skate, or rent them there, and go for a couple hours of fun (plus the bonus exercise)

4. Mini Golf – This is a cheap, fun thing to do. Go as a couple or invite a few friends, either way it’s bound to have you smiling, and your wallet too.

5. Museum – Many places will have a free museum where you pay only for extra attractions. Get out of the house and head over to the museum for so fun.

6. Volunteer – Animal shelters are in dire need of volunteers. Head over to a shelter and walk some dogs, clean some cages and play with some puppies. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll have.

7. Pool Time – Now that summer is fast approaching, grab your bikini and go spend some time at pool. If you don’t have one in your neighborhood, check out your community center.

Saving money can be a great thing, but don’t forget to have so fun. You don’t have to pinch every penny. Set up a budget for your miscellaneous fun. Just make sure you don’t go over board. What are some things you do for fun, that are cheap to no cost?


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