Boys and Their Expensive Video Games

Let your guy play some gamesI always hear women complaining about how much their husbands/boyfriends/fiances/sons spend on video games. “Oh he just bought ANOTHER video game” or “He just spent $70 on a new video game and he has like 50 games already” and so forth. Well, stop and ask yourself this question. How much do I spend on makeup/lotion/clothes/shoes/hair products? I’m sure it’s a lot more than a $70 video game. We have hair products (shampoo, conditioner, leave in cream, moose, hair spray, serums and many more), then we have face products (face wash, face cream, face serum, cleaning wipes, eye cream, anti aging cream, anti wrinkle cream, etc). Don’t even get me started on all the clothes and shoes we buy.

My husband has about 1/10 the amount of shoes and about 1/10 the amount of clothes, but he can’t buy one video game every couple of months? What happened to equal rights? Men should be able to buy one video game every month if they wanted  to; well if we’re going to be fair and see it as dollar for dollar. Yes video games are expensive but so is everything else we girls buy. Do you really need 4 mascaras, 200 colors of eye shadow, 20 nail polishes and 10 lipsticks? I didn’t think so. Next time you’re nagging on your guy about his expensive video games, stop and remember that you’re spending way more on make up, shoes and clothes that he could ever spend on a few games.


One thought on “Boys and Their Expensive Video Games

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