Why I Need a Million Dollars

Million Dollar VacationOk, so maybe need is a bit of a stretch, but a million dollars could sure come in handy. There’s just so many things that I could do with that much money. For one, I could buy like 40,000 boxes of shockers. Well that’s a little crazy, I could just get like 100 boxes and be good for a couple of years. Maybe I’d just drop everything and go on a long vacation, some place far far away like in Shrek 2. As nice as those things sound, if I actually won a million dollars, I’d be a little more logical about my spending options. Sure I’d still use a bit of that money on shockers and a little vacation, but honestly, I just want to go to school and get my nursing degree, buy a house so I can stop paying rent, and get my mom a few nice things so that she doesn’t have to work so much.

House/car – I’m not asking for a mansion, just a cute little first home for me and my honey. I’m thinking a 3 bed/2 and 1/2 bath with a two car garage and a good sized yard where I could have a little garden and where Dylan could run around all day. Something cute in a somewhat nice neighborhood costing around $300,000. That solves my rent problem and all I have to worry about are taxes/home utilities. Not bad right? So now we’re at $700,000. (Side note: this 1 million is tax free) Ok, so my next “big” purchase would be a new car, well new to me anyway. Nothing fancy, a midnight blue Honda CR-V would be good (About $30,000). Something good on mileage and fairly comfortable. You’re probably thinking that I should buy a car for my husband as well right? Well his car is still pretty new, has low mileage and is in great condition so he doesn’t really need one now. As for me, my car is barely alive so a new car is a definite must. We’ll save some money to buy him a car later.

Quit job/Go to school full time – Everyone says that if they won the lottery they’d quit their job. Well I have a good reason to do so. It’s not that I hate my job so much that my number one concern is getting out of there. No. I’ve been trying to go to school for the past 2 years but I’ve just been so busy working trying to pay for everything, that school just hasn’t been possible yet. Well I’m trying to change that but that’s another story. So after a house, a car and four years of school (plus the expenses for not working) we’re left with about $500,000.

Help a mom out – My mom has done so much for me that I just want to give a little back. Nothing much, but just enough to help her live a better life. I’d get her a little townhouse (150,000), a new car (probably a Honda CR-V – $30,000), furniture and things needed for a house ($50,000) and another $70 for her to invest, pay off any debt and take a nice vacation. I don’t think she’s ever had a real vacation so that would be an absolute must.

After buying a house, new car, furniture for my new home, paying for school and four years worth of expenses, plus buying everything for my mom, we are left with $150,000. I’d use a little bit of that to go on a vacation with my honey and invest the rest so that we can retire early.

Sounds nice doesn’t it? What would you do with a million dollars?


One thought on “Why I Need a Million Dollars

  1. Actually, if you win the Euromillions lottery average jackpot (worth about €50 million) you can buy all of those things, plus spend around €4k each day for the rest of your life.

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