Is Shopping at Sam’s Worth it?

Sam's ClubFor the past couple of years I’ve done most of my shopping at Sam’s Club. Bread, chips, soy milk, pretty much anything that won’t go bad in a matter of days. I’ve tried to buy fruit there, but it usually goes bad before I can eat it all or I end up freezing it to make smoothies. Not a bad idea except that I have a ton of frozen fruit in my freezer and I’m not big into making smoothies.

Anyway, last week I was talking to a friend about grocery shopping. She does all her shopping at Publix and is always saying how expensive groceries are. So we entered the discussion of her getting a Sam’s membership. I, a Sam’s Club lover, couldn’t help but tell her about all my amazing deals. She says that getting a membership at Sam’s just isn’t worth it and that she won’t save enough to make it worth her time. So I started thinking; A and I will usually spend $100 and get enough food to last us for almost a month. And we eat well. The only other shopping I do is for fruits and vegetables at the local market.

Publix vs Sam’s

Sam’s is one of those places where you’ll spend a lot up front, but the savings are just unbeatable. To help prove my point, I went to Publix this past weekend and checked out some of their prices. They had a ton of BOGO deals so we picked up a few things that we didn’t  want to buy in bulk at Sam’s. Then we looked at their chips and even with the BOGO deal, getting them at Sam’s was still cheaper. The same went for bread, soda, and other snacks we like. Then we looked at the meat selection. We usually buy 9 fat breasts of chicken at Sam’s for about  $10 and at Publix we saw two, flimsy breasts, for almost five bucks.

Most people are very hesitant about these wholesale warehouses. At least most people I talk to. They are just so skeptical and think that the amount you pay for the membership doesn’t match what you save. Well I’m here to tell you that it not only covers the membership, but it ends up saving you hundreds on top of it. So, is shopping at Sam’s worth it? Yes, very much so.


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