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shockersThere are certain things in life that you just can’t live without. For me, it’s shockers. You know that amazingly sour Wonka candy. Well I could eat those day and night. They are the only sour candies that are truly sour. I usually buy them at Toys R Us. For some reason, they are the only place left who have shockers. Crazy right? Anyway, They are $1.29 per roll. Not too bad considering you get about 30 pieces per roll. So the other day, A (my husband) and I were at Toys R Us buying me some shockers when he had the great idea to buy them online instead.

We currently have an Amazon Prime account so we decided to first check there. That way we could save on shipping. So we found a box of 24 shocker rolls on amazon for $24.95. So you divide that by 24 and you pay about $1.04 per roll. If I had bought these at Toys R Us, we would have paid $30.96. plus tax. So we ended up saving $6 plus dollars. The only downside: waiting for 2 days for them to arrive. But if you plan it right and just buy them before your current batch runs out, you will never have to live a single day without shockers, or whatever it is that you can’t live without.

So now you’re thinking, well you pay for the Amazon Prime account so you’re spending money there. That is correct, but for the amount of times we shop at Amazon, it more than pays for us to have one. Plus a lot of their products qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping even without an Amazon Prime Account. I know because before we had a Prime Account, I did that all the time. The point is that you can save by simply looking online. From things, like shockers, to other unimportant items like clothes and shoes. A few bucks here and there doesn’t sound like much but add that up for the whole year and you’ve now saved about $72 just on shockers (that’s assuming you only buy one box a month).


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